ADAM Human Capital Management provides cutting-edge integrated payroll services, human talent management, and human resource management services across 30 countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

ADAM prides itself on its expertise in regional tax requirements, as well as in enterprise technology and outsourcing, with 30 years of experience helping its clients navigate diverse regulatory structures in these countries.

With a unified solution set that works across borders and regulatory regimes, ADAM’s technologies are highly adaptable and scalable to the needs of Latino businesses. Our single software solution enables our clients to make multinational implementations of software significantly more cost- and time-effective than any other competitor in the marketplace.

Rather than unify a number of local or semiregional solutions, ADAM built its platforms from the ground up to be adaptable to varying tax and regulatory environments. Unlike multiple platforms that are stitched together, ADAM’s solutions are simple to deploy, customize, and maintain. While competitive, nonunified solutions are expensive to customize and update with current tax and regulatory rules, ADAM circumvents these issues with a platform that was designed for multinational implementation from day one.


Even better, ADAM has lifted the burden of software updating from our clients. Tax and regulatory updates as well as core software updates are included with ADAM’s On Demand and On Premise solutions.

Experience a world of difference in Latin America.


ADAM continues to simplify HR management for our clients by providing a complete, enterprise-grade BPO/HRO solution for the region. This high standard gives our clients, large or small, the benefit of the same security protocols and controls used by Fortune 100 companies around the world.

The 24-Hour Fiscal Calendar™

Learn how we ensure your company stays up-to-date with the many
laws and regulations in each specific country where we do business.