ADAM Compensation & Benefits provides human resources professionals, supervisors, and senior management with the tools needed for effective payroll and personnel management. At the same time, our tools provide management with unprecedented capabilities to quickly view and analyze information for individuals, divisions, or regions.


The ADAM Compensation & Benefits platform simplifies the HR/payroll workflow by separating tasks into specific software modules. By giving users access to particular tasks through a consistent, user-friendly desktop, HR professionals always know how to quickly access the payroll and compensation features they need. Enterprises can easily integrate custom workflows and modules to suit whatever custom needs they may have, including integrations into Kronos, SAP, PeopleSoft, and other ERP systems.


Conforming to federal regulations across each country in which a company operates is the core of compensation management. ADAM neither nickel and dimes its clients by forcing them to pay for additional tax update services nor does ADAM leave its clients to solve this difficult problem on their own.

Tax & Regulatory Compliance services are provided automatically with all of ADAM’s On Demand Payroll Services as well as its BPO Services. These services are included with ADAM’s On Premise Solutions, and updates are provided upon request to a client’s servers for no additional charge.

Please read more about our compliance services here.


Standard Payroll manages regular, recurring payroll payments, calculating the final payment made to each employee by making necessary deductions for taxes, loans, or other expenses and adding back any additional amounts earned. Although seemingly simple, the Standard Payroll module adapts to the payroll needs of all the countries ADAM serves, taking into account the local regulatory regime, local union rules, and company-specific needs and policies. These policies are regularly updated by ADAM through its included Tax & Regulatory Compliance service.


Special Payroll is the central resource for managing payments made to employees that are either off-cycle or otherwise extraordinary. These payments include both bonuses and severance payments, for example.


ADAM’s integrated Time & Attendance feature integrates time clock entries into payroll calculations. Time entries can be made manually in ADAM Payroll or through the integration of any number of recordkeeping clocks, devices, or software. As well, this module integrates overtime authorization and performs absenteeism analysis.



Benefits manages an employee allocation of various benefits, from food and supermarket credits as well as health and dental benefits, to life insurance and other accounts. ADAM delivers integrations into third-party benefits platforms so HR can focus on managing employees’ needs rather than maintaining duplicate systems. Employees can also manage their benefits through ADAM Navigator so that they can have direct control over their needs.


The Vacation module manages vacation balances across the entire organization, managing vacation schedules, vacation balances, and conflict management. Vacations may be requested through ADAM Navigator through a browser or on a smart phone. Alternatively, paper forms can be imported through ADAM Digitization. Either way, Workflow and Notifications will ensure the request is automatically routed and approvals communicated appropriately.

Our adeptness and adaptability work to your advantage.



Loans & Credits provides organizations that give employees benefits and additional compensation the ability to centrally manage and monitor the use of these benefits. Additionally, this module provides for loan management and monitoring for institutions that provide payroll/payday advances and other types of employee lending services.


For institutions that offer employees savings accounts, store credits, or other types of internal banking accounts, ADAM provides integrated tools to manage the movement of employee funds. Employees or HR professionals can designate how much of a particular paycheck is saved into a designated account, and ADAM takes care of allocating the funds appropriately.


ADAM Paystub Stamping software digitally signs and delivers official documents, including paystubs and invoices to federal agencies in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, and Uruguay. ADAM provides workflows and integrations to deliver paystubs to the appropriate certification agencies, or ADAM can provide this delivery as part of your overall service. Please read more about our stamping services and our documentation certification services that cover all other certification of documents, including ACTAs, contracts, and other documents.

"ADAM’s unified platform is the single best and most cost-effective way to unify payroll, talent management and HR processes across the entire Latin American continent."

− Brian Beneke, CEO

"ADAM’s unified platform is the single best and most cost-effective way to unify payroll, talent management and HR processes across the entire Latin American continent."

− Brian Beneke, CEO