Multinational Client Expands ADAM’s Payroll Solution to 11 Countries

September 15, 2016 - Dallas, TX – ADAM Human Capital Management (“ADAM”) today announces an agreement to renew ADAM’s Payroll On Demand for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, expanding it from 3 countries to 11. This expansion adds approximately 4,000 employees to ADAM’s cloud software solution.

Customers have seen and experienced the rapid development of ADAM’s organization, services, consulting, and technology to meet the quickening pace of Latin America’s regulatory and economic development. This renewal and expansion of the contract demonstrates customers’ considerable satisfaction with ADAM’s regional platform.

“Our enterprise customers realize that ADAM is the only one-stop shop in Latin America and the Caribbean for HR and payroll software, outsourcing services, and regulatory compliance. By eliminating the need for third-party gross to net providers, we simplify business in the region,” explained Brian Beneke, ADAM’s CEO.

ADAM Human Capital Management prides itself on being Latin America’s best HR services provider and continuously strives to fulfill the needs of its customers in the region.


ADAM Human Capital Management Excels With Award of 20 Country Payroll Outsourcing Contract

July 29, 2016 - Dallas, TX – ADAM Human Capital Management (“ADAM”) today announces an agreement with a diversified industrial and consumer products company to provide consolidated outsourced payroll services based on its ADAM Payroll for nearly 15,000 employees in 20 countries throughout the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

Multinational corporations and worldwide enterprises continue to seek consolidation and simplification in order to better manage regulatory, operational, and security risk. ADAM’s unique, proprietary payroll and HR management platform provides a single, unified solution to simplify deployment and manage labor obligations and operations across multiple countries.

This deal, “has demonstrated that our services and solutions are gaining a reputation as best-in- breed for companies with large and complex workforces,” said Brian Beneke, ADAM’s CEO. “We’re excited to simplify our client’s HR management by bringing its payroll operations into our facilities and collaborating with their team to unify their regional HR into a single shared services center.”


ADAM Human Capital Management Successfully Completes First Phase of 23 Country Project

December 14, 2015 – Dallas, TX – ADAM Human Capital Management (“ADAM”) successfully completes the first phase of its 23 country payroll project with a Fortune 10 client, successfully migrating the client from its in-house payroll to ADAM’s outsourcing solution. ADAM deployed its full suite of payroll related products, including its workforce management software and hardware. This client intends to consolidate its Latin American and Caribbean payroll and workforce management operations utilizing ADAM’s software and BPO solutions.

“I’m thrilled to have attained this milestone,” says Brian Beneke, ADAM’s CEO. He continues, “Creating a baseline specification during this phase of deployment is a key milestone enabling us to implement our BPO solution across the remaining countries in this project very quickly.” He believes this deployment is characteristic of the needs of multinational companies in the region, many of which are seeking a consolidated solution, provider, and software.


ADAM Human Capital Management Launches New Branding Campaign

December 15, 2014 – Dallas, TX – ADAM Human Capital Management, the leader in Latin American payroll and human resources management software and services, today unveiled its new branding identity. The new branding reinforces the company’s renewed focus on becoming the premier resource for meeting companies’ human capital management needs across the Latin American region.

The new brand identity reflects the expanding reach of ADAM’s services across 30 Latin American and Caribbean countries and reflects the international nature of the company’s comprehensive business model.

“After expanding our reach and augmenting our platform to provide true Human Resources Information Management (HRIM) capabilities, we felt it was time to better communicate our intention to become the preeminent HR solutions provider across Latin America,” said Brian Beneke, ADAM’s Chief Executive Officer. “ADAM is now the only provider of enterprise-grade HR software and services across the entire region. And we are the only one that can provide the robust integration and management tools needed by multinational companies alongside comprehensive HRO and BPO services.”


We are Latin America.



ADAM Human Capital Management (ADAM) is a leading provider of payroll and human capital management (HCM) software and outsourcing services for 30 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Company’s core platform is designed to serve the multinational HR, workforce management, and payroll needs of the Global 2,500. ADAM’s ability to provide a unified HR solution, including BPO and HRMO services, based on a single, proprietary software platform, is unique and facilitates consolidation of HR functions on a region-wide and global basis.


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"Achieving so much in so little time seemed complex, but because of a significant level of commitment, we now have a system in the correct and sustainable version..."

"Achieving so much in so little time seemed complex, but because of a significant level of commitment, we now have a system in the correct and sustainable version…"