ADAM provides every tool you need to do business across almost every country in Latin America—all on a single, easy-to-use platform.

Compensation & Benefits

The cornerstone of every HR plan is a strong payroll and benefits management strategy.

ADAM Compensation & Benefits provides human resources professionals, supervisors, and senior management with the tools needed for effective payroll and personnel management. At the same time, our tools provide management with unprecedented capabilities to quickly view and analyze information for individuals, divisions, or regions.

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Human Talent Management

ADAM ensures the effectiveness of organizational management by reducing taskload while maximizing productivity.

ADAM Talent Management provides human resources professionals with the tools necessary to attract, align, manage, and motivate top talent throughout their organizations. Its features manage all phases of an employee’s career from recruiting and training through performance management and career planning.

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HR Information Management

ADAM’s digitization, workflow, digital paystub, and security tools help sophisticated businesses do more with less.

ADAM’s Human Resource Information Management (HRIM) platform consists of three powerful modules that together can verify the identity of current or prospective employees, visitors, or other individuals, digitally archive all employment data and facilitate the management of large numbers of employees.

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Core Server

Sophisticated analytics, reporting, integration, and auditing are all at the center of ADAM’s solutions.

The foundation of the ADAM software universe, ADAM Core Server, is a set of databases, tools, and features that perform a wide array of business-critical functions, such as secure authentication management and auditing. It also enables core communication functions by providing workflows, messaging, reporting, analytics, and integration into other software.

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